In death there is always life, in life there is always death. Every second someone dies, someone is also being born. It is threw death that the living began to live again if they allow themselves to. Death ignites something powerful in us giving us the feeling of this is my last chance. For me, losing my daughter gave me a since of urgency, I always knew god, I knew heaven was real and wanted to go there.

It wasn’t until loosing Journee that I craved it. Going to heaven was not just something I wanted to do because I didn’t want to go to hell. It was somewhere I had to go, there were no other options, I need it, and it was the only chance I have to be with her again. The love I have for her is the fuel I needed to do what I needed to do on earth to be with her. The love I had for her ignited the love in me for everyone and everything. Hate cannot exist where there is such a love. That love would not allow me to accept anything else. Failure to acknowledge that for me meant her passing would have been in vain.