Our Journee Home is about wanting to be a part of something bigger than myself, my pain and my grief and wanting to touch hearts all over the world threw the way that devastates us the most our loss. Not just of a child but of another human in our life that birth us, we birth, we loved, we have relationships with, and that impacted our lives in some way. When these people leave this earth that pains stay with us no matter how much we move on. And although life around us continues we just sometimes need the comfort of knowing they did exist, they were real, they are a part of us and if OJH sending a memorial a bit of encouragement or anything to let others out there no its OK then mission accomplished! Sometimes it doesn’t take a bunch of words to touch a heart but just a small gesture that ability to let your hurt touch the next persons, may be the only god that person sees at the darkest most vulnerable time of their lives….

I was recently asked, what is the point of OJH and why are you giving away stuff? What are you gaining from this? My response is:

Ephesians 6:8

King James Version (KJV)

8 Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receives of the Lord, whether he is bond or free.

After I loss Journee I became broken, All I wanted was peace. All I wanted was to keep her alive; all I wanted was to not feel like I was alone in my grief. Whatsoever you do should be returned to you. If I wanted that, I had to give it to receive it. It’s not about getting something in return Its about touching someone’s heart threw the one thing that hurts them the most, their grief. If these memorial items give someone just a little hope then my work is done, and greater is my reward in heaven by being reunited with my baby girl.

Our grief does not define us. Our experiences have taught us to look at things in a more rounded way…. to a certain extent. Our stories our lives don’t require pity just requires someone to understand that yes, we are not the same and will never be. This is our reality, this is our life. It does not make us handicap, outcast, abnormal or anything else we’ve somehow become. It makes a testimony, it makes us a source of strength when strength is needed it makes us a source of hope when hope is gone.

               After the loss of my daughter I changed for the good, and the bad. I grew patient to things I would normally not have patients for and I loss patients for things I normally would have patients for. I became humbler, more willing and anxious to help people. I learned things; I never had an interest in. I also became sad, weakened by my emotions although strong and determined. My heart aches for the loss of my daughter although it rejoices for the things I can now see. It rejoices because I now have a greater purpose although sometimes the emptiness I feel from living without her makes her mission here void.